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Finding your 'dream home' may be a challenge but we can ensure obtaining finance is easy. The answers to your questions, such as what is a bond loan and how to apply for a rental bond loan, are here...

Even the best budgeters get 'caught short' when moving home. A rental bond loan is a small personal loan or consumer lease agreement to assist with rental bond, rent in advance and to cover general moving expenses. The cash is advanced directly to you (via your nominated bank account), often on the same day that you apply!

Bond Loans QLD is a Credit Assistance Provider committed exclusively to assisting you with a loan product or consumer lease agreement that fits your circumstances. We get to know you and as your personal agent, we strive to find you the best financial solution. If we are unable to find you a suitable financial product (or you decide it is not required), there is absolutely no charge to you.

We specialise in providing financial solutions to get you into your new home as quickly as possible to ensure you don't miss out in a competitive rental market. We are different to others in this industry, delivering the ultimate customer experience with a unique personalised service making Bond Loans QLD your preferred choice. If you're asking how do I get a bond loan in QLD - try us!

Bond Loans QLD's simple online loan application is available 24/7 and will provide immediate pre-approval or declination status. If pre-approved, you will be sent an email (congratulations!) that sets-out the documents you are required to provide to finalise your application and following receipt of these documents, and a brief chat with a friendly Bond Loans QLD Customer Service, final determination is made. The process is quick and easy (we have done this many thousands of times) and we aim to complete the process and get cash advanced to your account same day. How do I apply for a bond loan? It's that simple!

As a Rental Bond Loan is simply a personal loan or consumer lease agreement tailored to meet your specific requirements you can actually obtain a financial solution from Bond Loans QLD anytime for any worthwhile purpose and most certainly to have the cash 'firepower' to secure your new home the moment you find it.

Bond Loans QLD specialises in financial solutions from $1,000 to $5,000. We will assist you to find the product that is right for your needs - fast, friendly and flexible funds.

That depends on how much you borrow and over what length of time. As soon as you are approved for a financial product a Bond Loans QLD Consultant will discuss all costs and repayments with you prior to contract issuance to ensure the product is both affordable and demonstrably suits your requirements. Typically payments may range from $60 per week to $190 per week and will be determined by the credit provider in consultation with you to ensure the product meets your budget.

For those asking "how do I get a bond loan fast", Bond Loans QLD can help. Bond Loans QLD realises that funds are often required urgently. We strive to have funds transferred to your account within 24 hours of you completing your application process (including the provision of necessary supporting documentation).

Simply click on the APPLY NOW button on this page. How to apply for a bond loan is straightforward and tailored to ensure your personal loan requirements are achieved - first time, every time. If you're wondering how do I apply for a bond loan in Queensland, you will be guided through the process and our professional Bond Loans QLD Consultants are always only a phone call away.

Those who can apply for a bond loan are as follows:

  • You must be currently employed with a minimum salary of $25,000 pa ($500 pw after tax).
  • You must have Australian Permanent Residency Status.
  • You must not be an undischarged bankrupt.
  • You need to have a responsible borrowing history.

You are still likely to be eligible. Whilst it is not possible to obtain a financial solution for all applicants, Bond Loans QLD acknowledge that circumstances change and unlike some other Credit Assistance Providers, we take the time to understand your current position and work extremely hard to find you a suitable product to meet your requirements.

Bond Loans QLD and its associates operate a strict Privacy Policy which ensures your information is not provided to unwanted parties. We also understand that personal finance is a confidential matter and we always exhibit discretion in all dealings. Plus we use SSL encryption protection technology (just like the banks...)

Of course. Unlike many other financial institutions our financial providers have no hidden fees or charges or early payout fees.

As all financial products will be a contract between you and your specific credit provider, terms may vary based on the credit provider selected. As a general guide a default fee may be charged by the credit provider if you fail to make a payment in accord with your contract. If you remain in default a credit provider has the lawful right (and obligation) to recover money owed in compliance with the National Consumer Credit Code 2010 (NCCC).

Welcome back! Bond Loans QLD's philosophy is to build longstanding relationships with it's clients to become their preferred financial service provider - simply call us and a Premium Service Consultant will fast track your request to completion. It's that simple!

Credit providers have a duty to responsibly assess your application in accord with their specific criteria. They have a lawful right (and obligation) to refuse any application does not meet this criteria. Bond Loans QLD is a Credit Assistance Provider and does not have authority to finally approve or decline any application; we present your application to Credit Providers for consideration. Whilst we always strive to find a suitable loan product for pre-approved applicants, this is not always possible.


Stop asking how to get your bond back and start asking how Bond Loans QLD can help you. Our bond loans may just be the solution you need to move into your new property. Read more